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Give Kids The World Reunion at Knotts

On October 16th Ryder and the family got to go to Knott's for a Give Kids The World reunion.

A couple of years ago, Ryder was selected for his Make-A-Wish trip and he chose to go to Disney World. Make-A-Wish put us in an unbelievable village with other Make-A-Wish families called Give Kids The World. This was a place where the kids (and families) could truly escape what they go through in their day to day life. We stayed at the village where they have tons of games and activities for the kids from mini-golf to remote control boats, a life size Candyland game, an ice cream shop that never closes (and they encourage kids to have ice cream for breakfast if they want!) and a 6 foot bunny named Mayor Clayton who visited Ryder (& Tyson) on their birthday.

Ryder and Candyland Princess

Sunday, October 16th Give Kids the World came out to Knotts Berry Farm and had a reunion with many of the past kids and families that got to experience the Give Kids the World village. They had a party on site where they had food, drinks, ice cream (of course) and a lot of cool games for the kids to take part in. And Ryder was able to meet the Candyland princess and see Mayor Clayton again! It was an amazing time.

We also got to meet another amazing young girl named Evelyn who had also lost her vision to NF. She was afraid to use her cane at school and Ryder convinced her that she needs to use it. Evelyn is such a sweet girl that has been through so much, but much like Ryder, she has maintained an amazingly positive and sweet attitude.

After the party we received tickets to go to Knott's where the boys got to trick or treat and go on some rides. Such a fun and inspiring time.

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