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"The Savages" Soccer Team Supports Ryder

Ryder was asked by a local AYSO soccer team to become an honoree teammate. The team, coached by Moses Castillo, chose the team name "The Savages" to honor Ryder and his struggle. We had our first practice/scrimmage on Wed night where Ryder was introduced to the team. The team was so amazing and welcomed Ryder so warmly. Kids were stopping by to say "Hi" while on the sidelines, giving high fives, and even let Ryder score a goal at the end of the scrimmage where both teams lined up to cheer him on. Ryder even got to call the opening coin flip and won with "Heads". We are so happy that Moses has decided to get behind Ryder and his battle and has included him in the team this way. Moses has taken coaching kids to a whole new level. His goal is to show his players the importance of helping others. Such an incredible act!

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